A small lesson that could make a big difference

by Cristhian Bedon on March 17, 2009

Last week in my English class, we saw the movie “Hotel Rwanda.” As a sort of follow up and more of a visual/hands on learning method, we was told to do a follow up on incidents like Rwanda on other parts of the world. My group choose the Armenian Genocide. One of the guideline’s was to create a small and simple presentation so that the others in the class could learn also without having to dig up all the info. The catch was it need to have some sort of technological method to present. So we came up with the idea of having a site put together, the original site was a bit less complex but overall I think we did good(all done in one day).



The site was managed by myself, most of the information found I give credit to my group members getting it together and breaking it down so that it can be shared with all the top points included. For the time given on this project I say we did a great job. As far as what I learned personally is that, this is something that shouldn’t just be done for class, but shared for others to see. What happened through out those years is a huge tragedy, as a remembrance in April their is a walk that takes place. Hopefully you find some information here that you didn’t know before, and kindly share it with other, so that this doesn’t happen anywhere else.

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