About Me

My name is Cristhian Bedon, I am a freelance web designer and developer working out of the Hartford area, and occasionally out of Storrs. Apart from that I have worked as a small consultant for small business looking to implement there business online, as well as online marketing.

You might find this difficult to believe…

But 2 3 years ago I didn’t own my domain name, had never touched a piece of HTML code and knew nothing about web design’s nor graphic designs. In other words, everything I’ve done with the web, in the past year has been self taught, using trial and error. I lately been getting into the hang of CMS and WordPress is now official my main choice.  I am learning to code around this and hopefully in the future have a few themes I can give out to the public.

About the blog

I first started blogging about a year three years ago…but never got the hang of it so I pushed it to the side for a bit. Lately I been more involved with the developmental of blog sites and building sites using blog type CMS’s (WordPress), this blog is now more of a way that I can showcase my portfolio, Web design is something I been into for the past 3years and Graphic design ever since I started using Photoshop. Apart from my showcase I plan to write a few tutorials on Web development and Photoshop,  as well post on interesting finds that I get from surfing the web. And now (2010) I plan to include post for of a professional goals, looking into project management and business administration.

I have some addictions…

Things that I cannot do without include sidekick Blackberry cell phone, my computer, watching House, as well to Fringe and SOA (Son’s Of Anarchy) and a listening to a distinguished list of music. Ahh and you can’t forget learning, mostly all the adobe suites and all the web development I can get into my brain. As well as a few other things, “information is power” right?

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