College Worries – Senoritis

by Cristhian Bedon on November 8, 2008

Yea, its time to be looking or it should of of been looked into already, but laziness is getting in the way. My choice of college have been made…to some extent…yes there are a few out there that I can also apply to but, I got the ones that mean a bit more to me right down on pen and paper (with the online apps almost done) only thing that is keeping me back now is my essay, it is the only so called “roadblock” and all I need is to finish up a last paragraph and add uno mas…and just send it out to be edited. I have/had all this time to be down with it, thing that is getting me a bit worried more is that I will leave it to the end to finish and which it would be a decent job done, since I am able to work under pressure, but in the end I will feel that I could of added more or worded things differently and sort of bettered my chances into getting into the college. And then my school, most of the classes I have now I sort of need to “graduate” but then the classes I am going to get for my next semester is going to be retarted!!!…The only class I might need is Chemistry but other then that It all electives, which I didnt have no say in. Argh!!!!!!….Had to express my thoughts….

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