Cristhian Bedon

Happy 4th of July!

July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope your enjoying this day with your love ones.

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Heeeeelllllllo Wooooorrrldddd!!!

July 28, 2010

From the time I posted last to the time it is now, several things happened – I graduated from high school entered college, I went in earlier for a summer program they offered; SSS. Great program to be in, helped show me the ropes of the university, so when I started I could start with my feet on the ground. The rest of that time was just preparing for the upcoming year.

In a reality one of the main reasons I haven’t been able to update as much as I wanted to is due to my attending College – my first year, though I did manage to coordinate my time good enough. Time was still limited, the first semester I started off hard I loaded my self with classes and I manage to land a job two jobs, one that began in November the other to start the following semester. On top of this I was stretching my self to be apart of several clubs and associations that I felt would and are going to benefit me (and I benefit them) in the future. For those whom do not know, I attend the University of Connecticut – majoring (or trying to) in Management Information Systems.

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The Impact of Technology

April 15, 2009

I recently had to write a paper on how technology had/has an impact on me. The follow is like a short memoir on how it has.

Technology has impacted me tremendously; it is a huge part of my life now, and will be in the future. Starting back when my dad brought home a “Compaq Deskpro” with Windows 98 installed (which I still have), I knew PC’s were a part of me. It started with small command prompt keys and learning how to get shortcuts all in place — remember, this is back when I was in 4th grade. By the time I was in 6th grade I could work my way around a PC without a mouse, which I had to do at one point in my 6th grade class we managed to lose all the mouse trackballs! I was one of the few students that could say I can fix your PC, and the teachers would allow me to; back then the school’s didn’t have a tech guy to go to. With time, I learned more and more about the hardware of PC’s but it didn’t seem to intrigue me as much. Then I started getting into the software.

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Want To Build Your Own Multitouch Surface Computer?

April 8, 2009

If you have the spare time at home and the tools to do it, why not try what the people over at MAXIM PC did. They managed to a Multitouch Computer using parts that me and you can easy get, and best of all they showed us how they did it. The video below is them running the test after they got it build.

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Some big changes are in the works

April 8, 2009

As you can see a new theme is up and running, there are a few kinks in it but it is coming along. Apart from that a few updates that will occur is that “Video Wednesday” will be somewhat flipped around. As a way for me to get best use of this theme and have a “featured” video going on. I thought it would be great to update the upcoming “featured” video with a video done by me. This gives me more of an incentive to get my After Effect skills brushed up.

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Video Wednesday #6

April 2, 2009

I know I know… I’m late but what counts is that I’m getting this done. This week I followed a new person in twitter. He posted a link to a playlist that he had on youtube.

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