Facebook is overclouding people

March 4, 2009

Is Facebook overdoing things? Recent stories have shown that Facebook has alot of impact in the lifes of people. From going crazy and robbing a guy, to getting fired.

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Music news

February 12, 2009

Had to catch up on the music industry and what I am reading is hilarious! First of all, Fifty!… he straight hammering Ross, why — quoted from him ” For the fun of it” from the officer ricky song to the video of him and one of Rick’s baby momma’s! and to make things worst […]

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What is Social Media

February 9, 2009

What is social media? That is the question on most people’s mind when they hear they need to get more involved within the social media, eg:  Stumbleupon, Twitter, Dig and so on. It is the best way to get it out in the internet and brand yourself good. But to get there you need to […]

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