Some big changes are in the works

April 8, 2009

As you can see a new theme is up and running, there are a few kinks in it but it is coming along. Apart from that a few updates that will occur is that “Video Wednesday” will be somewhat flipped around. As a way for me to get best use of this theme and have a “featured” video going on. I thought it would be great to update the upcoming “featured” video with a video done by me. This gives me more of an incentive to get my After Effect skills brushed up.

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Update – January

January 14, 2009

Been so busy that I have not been able to update here as much as possible, giving some health to school issues, I might tend to be more busy within the next month. School search as of now, I have been acceptance towards all the colleges I applied to. This includes so far CCSU, UNH, […]

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Quick Update

December 15, 2008

It has a been a while since my last post. Just wanted to say that been busy with a few school projects, more college than regular school. Also that I been accepted to CCSU ( Central Connecticut State University) and University of New Haven, both colleges are located in CT. Waiting on one more acceptance […]

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New this week

November 18, 2008

Its been a decent amount of time since i post, as an update, I got new classes that started today. Chemistry Cal. Phys. Ed. Biotechnology E-Commerce Ah, will seem like an easy trimester overall, but who knows, just an update…will have more content later on. PS.  need music to help you keep going within the […]

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