Facebook is overclouding people

March 4, 2009

Is Facebook overdoing things? Recent stories have shown that Facebook has alot of impact in the lifes of people. From going crazy and robbing a guy, to getting fired.

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What is an FTP and how to use it

February 19, 2009

I would of thought, well maybe it’s me jumping the gun that people would understand what a FTP is when coming into web design. But today, after reading the¬†WebCreationUK reviews it hit me that maybe not all the bases are covered when learning web design and certain things are over looked. So I figure I’ll […]

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Speed linking?..Nah random finds.

November 7, 2008

Recently got a few im’s from a friend, guy likes to look around the wiki’s, he linked to some interesting finds that I figured i would share. The Game – A game that the world play’s, with out knowing it. Schools Skills – How to pay attention in a dull class. Well, till I get […]

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