March-April Update

April 1, 2009

For the next few weeks, I will not be able to keep the blog updated as much as I tried to have in the past few months. I will keep going with the weekly videos, I doubt that I will stop viewing youtube ever. I am working on either doing small update to this theme and in the future getting my own custom theme from scratch.

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March 31, 2009

Ralph From is hosting his first ever give away. Prizes range a total of $300 dollars and some change. 3 random people would be chosen as winners for this contest. The following where the prized that each winner could possible get. There are 4 ways of entering into this competition, each way could only be done once. They vary from email subscription to the site to a plain old twitter message. I have been following for a small amount of time, the first thing that attracted me was that Ralph was a fellow resident of CT. Than with the time, Ralph has posted great articles and links to other sources of information that has become helpful in the web design field. The give a way isn’t just one reason to come on to this blog, but it is now become one of the few blogs I come too on a daily basic for good tips, and I know you would also.

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Video Wednesday #5

March 25, 2009

It’s been another week and the time has come for Video Wednesday. This week I been looking more in the ways of video editing and photo manipulation. Been looking to expand my use of After Effects more and more – just need to find the time to really get it down. Photo manipulation has been my main view for the past few weeks and it seems good to get visual aid to expand my creativity.

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How To: Make a Gallery using Javascript & HTML

March 22, 2009

This is my first tutorial written here, and what I would be showing you is how to make a Gallery using some basic HTML, CSS and Java. Before getting into this some basic skill of HTML and CSS would be good to have before hand. But this is a simple tutorial and I will break it down as much as I can.

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Photography – With some touches of Photoshop

March 21, 2009

Recently I been looking into photography more and more. I been thinking on getting an SLR camera if anything. If you ask my friends they say I tend to go picture crazy and when a digital camera falls into my hands (or mainly my cellphone) I take pictures of everything. Recently I went hiking in the outskirts of CT, and I managed to take a few pics with my camera phone (the person that I told to bring the dig. camera forgot). On the hiking trail, we made a stop by a river, and in the center was a beaver dam. The view was great – so peaceful and calm, pulled out the camera and took a shot, the quality isn’t bad:

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Video Wednesday #4

March 18, 2009

It’s been another week, can you believe it? Summer is right around the corner and I can’t wait. This week on “Video Wednesday” I figure Ill throw some videos that I found on the development of Wordpress and Photoshop.

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