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by Cristhian Bedon on July 28, 2010

— a little cliché title right?  *throws in php coding*

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A small heads up regarding the update, it seems it is best for me to break it up for two, possibly three posts since it has been a while since I posted. Though it seems I might not done much with my development side of I done a bit within my design and consulting. They have been small projects with in the time span, just to make sure I don’t lose any practice.

From the time I posted last to the time it is now, several things happened – I graduated from high school entered college, I went in earlier for a summer program they offered; SSS. Great program to be in, helped show me the ropes of the university, so when I started I could start with my feet on the ground. The rest of that time was just preparing for the upcoming year.

In a reality one of the main reasons I haven’t been able to update as much as I wanted to is due to my attending College – my first year, though I did manage to coordinate my time good enough. Time was still limited, the first semester I started off hard I loaded my self with classes and I manage to land a job two jobs, one that began in November the other to start the following semester. On top of this I was stretching my self to be apart of several clubs and associations that I felt would and are going to benefit me (and I benefit them) in the future. For those whom do not know, I attend the University of Connecticut – majoring (or trying to) in Management Information Systems.

Cristhian Bedon - Career Fair

Career Fair - 2009

First year there and I think I established my self correctly, like I mentioned I landed two jobs one in the field that I am pursuing with in IT the other in the Career Services field help other student out one with their resumes, interview skills, and so much more. One job I work at the Alumni Center helping support, promote and further develop mainly the UConn Advocates sites but also at uconnalumni.com. At career services – I worked on a project to develop a list of resource which can be used by all diverse populations when searching for career development resources. This year coming up I will work with students to develop a resume, interviewing skills and much more – also I will have a side project that will run parallel with this.

One of my year round goals was to try and find employment for the summer, since my internship at The Hartford ended prior to me starting a summer program at UConn. A company that was doing a lot with UConn at the time (and still is) was Travelers. I gotten great exposure to the company starting in the summer – had a trip to Claim U – and in the school year they have held various events (mainly all business events) which I was more than happy to attend. Being in the presence of them consistently I was given the change to apply for a program that they have started at the University – Travelers E.D.G.E – some of the benefits that come with this is that I have a mentor within the business field, and one that is in the same field that I look to getting my self into. Another benefit is that I am able to attend development functions to networking functions so I can interact with various people in the company. There is also a monetary benefit, of which I can not complain about.

Cristhian Bedon PR/LACC Homecoming Photo

Homecoming Photo

That wraps up much of my 1st semester at UConn, well the business and formal side of it. Overall I have made great friends and connections and since it’s only my first year(semester) there, there is always room for growth. Now imagine my second semester –

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