WpVote: WpVote is the social bookmarking site for everything related to WordPress, from hacks to news.

by Cristhian Bedon on March 9, 2009

About WpVote

WpVote was created on August 2008 by Jean-Baptiste Jung to be the “Digg site for WordPress fanatics”. The site quickly grew but few problem appeared: First, the Pligg CMS which was used at the time wasn’t easy to modify and had a few annoying bugs. And secondly, the site was constantly spammed and everyday, hours of spam deletion were due.
At the fall of 2008, due to spamming issues, WpVote was kind of abandonned.

I first thought about selling it, but I was sad about forgetting a good idea I had. This is why in February 2009, I decided to give WpVote a second life by rebuilding the site.
As a WordPress fanatic myself, I finally managed to create a “digg-like” app within WordPress. Currently, WpVote runs 100% within WordPress. WP core haven’t been modified, all the new functions are custom or from the excellent TDO Mini Forms plugin.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here at WpVote. Don’t forget to suscribe to our rss feed so you’ll always stay tuned with what’s hot in the WordPress community.

How it works

WpVote works just like any other social bookmarking site:

  • User creates his free account
  • User can submit stories about WordPress
  • If other users enjoy the story, they can vote for it
  • If the story have 5 votes or more, it is automatically promoted to the frontpage


  • No affiliate links
  • Only stories related to WordPress can be published on WpVote
  • Only stories in ENGLISH are allowed.
  • Of course, no spam.

If you break theses rules, your story and your account will be deleted.

(via wpvote.com)

A good site to have bookmarked, has awesome links that will help you with your wordpress development.

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Jim Spence March 21, 2009 at 11:07 am

I found your site about WpVote is the social bookmarking site for everything related to WordPress, from hacks to news. | Cristhian Bedon quite different than ones that I found before. Do you have any more? Thanks


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