Video Wednesday #5

by Cristhian Bedon on March 25, 2009

It’s been another week and the time has come for Video Wednesday. This week I been looking more in the ways of video editing and photo manipulation. Been looking to expand my use of After Effects more and more – just need to find the time to really get it down. Photo manipulation has been my main view for the past few weeks and it seems good to get visual aid to expand my creativity.

Freeze – T-Pain

This is one of my reasons to really expand my use of AE. There are some good effects used here, and it could possible not even be AE, but with AE I could have some of this down.

Chopped N Skrewed – T-Pain featuring Ludacris

Another T-Pain video, seems like Pain is really trying to get his use of the technology out there to make his videos more and more creative.

Special Effects Collection (Adobe After Effects)

This is a great video that shows all the great things done using AE. There is nothing else to it.

Photo manipulation with Photoshop

Quick video on a picture touch-up. Video shows how the person takes one photo and creates a whole new image.

Photoshop CS3 Retouch/Enhance Before and After Photos

Great collection of photos that have been touched up using Photoshop. Great things could be done!

Well that does it for this week, hope you have enjoyed. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get new post straight to your feed or better your email.

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