Photography – With some touches of Photoshop

by Cristhian Bedon on March 21, 2009

Recently I been looking into photography more and more. I been thinking on getting an SLR camera if anything. If you ask my friends they say I tend to go picture crazy and when a digital camera falls into my hands (or mainly my cellphone) I take pictures of everything. Recently I went hiking in the outskirts of CT, and I managed to take a few pics with my camera phone (the person that I told to bring the dig. camera forgot). On the hiking trail, we made a stop by a river, and in the center was a beaver dam.  The view was great – so peaceful and calm, pulled out the camera and took a shot, the quality isn’t bad:

Frozen River - Beaver Dam

Frozen River - Beaver Dam

The picture was a bit dark or seemed cloudy which it wasn’t and there wasn’t much color to it, which made me want to open up Photoshop and see what I can do with it.

Touch up with Photoshop

Touch up with Photoshop

I worked on the lighting to bring the colors out and make it seem more alive. I wanted to bring the river out more, that was the main factor of the stop. To see the river and how there is a beaver dam out in the center. I think it came out great, opinions are greatly welcomed.

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