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by Cristhian Bedon on February 9, 2009

Resource Jackpot!

Reading around twitter, I found a nice link (thanks to mayhemstudios via twitter) to a nice collection of WordPress documentations. From breakdown what WordPress is – to getting your own domain – to even installing it own your PC. The list of links that can help you does on and on. A good way for new upcoming bloggers or web designers understand the WordPress Codex.

Moving on from just understanding it…

I found a nice article that will help people with WordPress already installed, setup there comments in a better manner. Some times a few tweaks helps make things better.  But what is not broken shouldn’t be fix, right?! – nah tweaks are good.

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Joe Smith February 9, 2009 at 1:29 am

Nice find, great links to nice articles!


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